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Infloré 2019 is carefully curated to give you a glimpse of the exciting arena of Tomorrow filled with hope, joy, innovation, opportunities, and dreams. The People of Tomorrow, hike up your energy and passion to join us in celebrating the biggest management fest in South India. We promise you memories of a lifetime as you hike through the new and unexplored destination in time and space.

Management Events

Non Management Events


For further enquiries contact Student Coordinators:
Abin Babu: +91 7845422520    |    Reshma Racheal: +91 8139009955    |    Danish Sunny: +91 8943541924
For Accommodation
Akshay K V: +91 9847339638
Annu Soniya Vinod: +91 9947895953
Nadeem Sakkir: +91 9562553816
Akhil Eldho: +91 9497681630

MAIL US AT: inflore@rajagiri.edu